Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgical Sciences : 2013, Volume 2, Issue 1, Feb Abstracts XML

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Surgery for Obesity and Impact on Non-Alcoholic Liver Steatosis; The Puzzle Completion   Editorial
Evaluation of Gastrografin Therapeutic Role in the Management of Small Bowel Obstruction   Research Article
Meralgia Paresthetica After Bariatric Surgery in Iranian Patients   Research Article
Assessing Effect of Fascial Non-Closure in 10 mm Trocar Sites on Incidence of Incisional Hernia   Research Article
Survival and Catheter Related Complications Among Iranian End Stage Renal Disease Patients: Hasheminejad Kidney Center, 2010 to 2011   Research Article
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Loss of the Guide Wire: Case Report   Case Report
Laparoscopic Management of Omental Cyst in a Child Using Two Ports Technique: A Case Report and Review of Relevant Literature   Case Report
Laparoscopic Total Gastric Vertical Plication   Letter
Metabolic Changes After Laparoscopic Total Gastric Vertical Plication   Letter
Laparoscopic Total Gastric Vertical Plication and Metabolic Changes   Letter